Accolades: Testimonials and Reviews

City Diner Restaurant has received widespread attention from customers and food critics alike. We have compiled a selection of testimonials and critical reviews for you here.

Critical Reviews

"City Diner Restaurant offers a wide selection of extraordinary dishes  and the service is phenomenal.  - "Sharon Hammley"



"City Diner Restaurant's atmosphere is very warm and inviting. I love the selection of entrees that the restaurant serves.  I always leave the restaurant satisfied and full."

- "Alyssa Wonder"

Customer Testimonials

"City Diner Restaurant is simply a great place to eat: the food is incredible and the service is delightful. I highly recommend it!"

-"Rich Bernards"


"Great restaurant for entertaining clients at lunch... by a landslide."

- "Davey Hovis"


"One of the best places I have eaten, not just in Falls Church but anywhere!"

- "Katherine Progh"